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Our inspiration for our designs... we love putting a new spin on classics.  Our Wall Art is inspired by traditional mandala principles, basic henna tattoo designs and even classic tattoo principles.  We strive to create a unique and FUN piece that brings a smile to your heart.  Yes, we realize that not everyone will be drawn to our art but ask you to consider this... have you ever thought of garage art?  Yep, we can help you with that too!

Our goals when designing wall art... we believe that art should stimulate an emotional connection or response when being viewed (or experienced).  While we focus on more whimsical types of art for the home, we still believe that it should be fun, exciting, stimulating, calming and thought-provoking.  Using various color principles, the pieces can generate various responses and some of these can even be energetic shifts.

Our commitment to you...  we are able to customize designs and colors to suit your taste and decor!   ​Don't be shy about asking for custom work, different colors and more with our work 'cause that's what we're here for!  We can mix designs onto different backgrounds, change colors and much, much more.

Techniques we use...  since we aren't "traditionally trained artists", we don't know the rules... so we can't break them either!  As a result of this twisted thinking and our overactive imaginations, we tend to do things very differently.  Our Wall Art is primarily Mixed Media (various paints, pens, canvases and/or wood).  We strive to create new and unique things... anyone can paint a canvas,  but we ask you "who in their right mind would paint paper, apply it to wood and then hang it on a wall?"  The correct answer is US - The Brainchild Studio!!!


We focus on creating art that allows one to focus on the present moment… so they can find be more conscious or aware of things around them.  Many of our pieces (mandalas, labyrinths, repetitive patterns, complimentary color schemes and more) can become part of a therapeutic/meditative technique.  

As Reiki Masters (Tammi is also a Crystal Reiki Master and Crystal Healer), we have discovered the unlimited benefits of energy charged pieces and for this reason in 2020 specialized lines of art will be available that will help anchor energy into your sacred space.  A wonderful example of this are the Zibu Symbols which were channeled from the Angels to help restore balance, promote peace, rebalance energies and more!  Because we are die-hard hippies (or new-agers), we are also working to create a line of Astrology Glyphs for 2020!  Some items we do together and others are done independently.  Get ready to see Larry's new works with wood and leather coming this year too!

We have found in the hectic daily life of the modern world that being able to tune into self-awareness can help bring a greater sense of inner peace and calmness.  


I’m sure there is a real title for what I do, but I call it Dimensional Painting because I create form to a canvas by adding texture, height and dimension to a flat canvas.  For me, the abstractness of my work allows a viewer to experience each piece based on what they see. 

I love that many of my pieces can be hung in a variety or directions… vertically, horizontally or diagonally.  What I love the most about these pieces are how they interact with light when hung on the wall (both sunlight and artificial lighting).  Each piece changes throughout a day with the varying angles of light.  The pieces are very experiential since they are constantly changing with light as well.  Each work has its’ own unique story to tell through the play of shadow and light.  Some pieces focus more on the dimensional design while others focus more on the entire canvas. 

For the dimensional painted pieces, I draw design inspiration from ethnic/regional tiles, traditional mandalas, tattoo flashart, sacred geometry, nature and more.  I will create a design on paper and move it to tracing paper to ensure the scale for a canvas is correct.  I then draw a design on the canvas (yes, erasers are my favorite tool on some days).  For a design to work for my purposes, I have to be able to envision a flat design as having dimensional properties (highs and lows) so sometimes I sit with a design for several days before starting it!  

To create dimension (I use a combination of things) but the process is always the same.  Slowly, I will build dimension to the canvas heights one layer at a time.  This can take up to 14 days (with drying time between layers) to get the dimensions where I’d like them to be.  Some larger pieces have taken over 6 weeks to build the dimensions up to where I want them.  I will then create additional texture to a design by adding either paper and/or cloth to the piece.  Lastly, I use a combination of acrylic paints, pastels and chalk to help bring out the top layering of texture. 

May you find a piece of original art to grace your sacred space!
Tammi Rager

Tammi's Bio

Tammi Rager is self-taught, Columbus-based, mixed media abstract artist utilizing a variety of materials and mediums.  For her one-of-a-kind art, Tammi uses a wide variety of mediums including (but not limited to):  paint, water, modeling paste, plaster, foam and more.  She creates multiple layers of medium to achieve the 3D effect that makes observers want to reach out and touch the art.  Her artistic goals are to promote peace, encourage self-awareness, and offer relief from daily stress.  Tammi is deeply inspired by nature, global patterns and symbolic imagery.  She works to produce her interpretation of mindfulness art (which encourages grounding and focusing).  Tammi focuses on bold lines, lighting/shadow interplay and unique colors to achieve designs for every sacred space.  Tammi’s techniques can be compared to a blending of sculpture and painting given her use of texture and the manipulation of mediums.  Tammi has been a featured artist with solo exhibitions as well as being part of group exhibitions.