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Where can you park when visiting Chromedge Studios?

There is parking on Rich Street and a lot behind the building (on Walnut Street).  There is also a grassy lot next to the building but take care cause cars have gotten stuck when the ground is wet (located between Chromedge Studios and corner of Lucas St).  There is construction scheduled on the new lofts/retail stores going in next the the Scioto River/Rich Street and this could mean limited on-street parking as work starts or continues.

Please note that parking can be VERY hard to find during various Franklinton Fridays too... remember there several microbrews, pubs, restaurants, studios, galleries and more in the area.

We are excited to announce that we will be the Featured Artists on display in the Chromedge Gallery Area in November (May 2019).  Visit us, see our new works, explore the building and refresh yourself is extraordinary refreshments during our exhibit!


In 1997, Larry and Tammi Rager opened a retail establishment in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with two other partners.  This store was called Drowsy Dragon and it offered:  collectible pewter/items, bath/body items, incense/burners, stones/minerals and aromatherapy candles.  Everything was done with a whimsical flair and to encourage customers to have fun.  One of the first things they experienced was a problem with their suppliers.  Orders took long times to be received, quality varied from order-to-order, prices increased dramatically during a year and more.  This was totally unacceptable from a business perspective!

Being in the heart of one of America’s premier crafting communities, the owners took advantage of this unique opportunity and began to explore ways to create their inventory in-house to ensure quality, price and availability.  Building a strong network of friends and associates, they worked closely with professionals in the area to help guide them as they let their imaginations grow and their creative natures expand.  It didn’t take long for them to realize that they could provide the highest quality and caliber of products to satisfy their customers’ desires.  Within a year, the Drowsy Dragon had designed, developed and began to produce:

  • Luxury Bath/Body (soaps, lotions, bath fizzy tablets, bath soaks, etc)
  • Hand-dipped Incense (both cone and stick)
  • Long-burning Candles (votive, pillar and container)

​They must have done something right, their products began to win numerous awards at Tennessee craft shows and other retailers even wanted to carry their product lines in their establishments!  Based solely on customer demand and wholesale requests, a second store was opened exclusively for the design and production of their fragrance lines (bath/body, incense and candles).

But owning a store takes a great deal of energy!  Two of the original owners moved on to other things in their life and this left Larry and Tammi to take care of everything.  One of the hardest things they faced during this time was being separated from their families (who were in Ohio).  So they decided to move back to Ohio and then took a little time to hibernate…  after closing both stores, they decided to take the opportunity to reevaluate, redesign and re-calibrate their products before re-introducing them to clients and customers!  

After taking a much needed break, they began introducing their new designs and products at fairs, craft shows, festivals and specialized events around the mid-West.  In addition to redesigning various products they sold in their store, they have been busy working on various items that they personally love and never had a chance to place in their store.  This includes Swarovski Crystal items (sun catchers and jewelry) and other types of jewelry... earrings, jean/pocket adornments, boot bracelets, necklaces, keyrings and bracelets.

So you see, Larry and Tammi have made “good scents” for their customer for a very long while!  But now, they’re doing it in the Heartland of America (Ohio) rather than in the Heart of the Smoky Mountains!  Together, this husband/wife team works side-by-side to bring our creations into being.  Larry takes care of the business portion of the business and Tammi is the creative designer of each of the products. 

Each part of this team brings their own unique quirkiness to everything they do and infuses their actions with humor, fun and excitement. ​