The Brainchild Studio


What Color Can Do For You!

All things in this world are energy and color is no different!  Colors can add energy, negate energy and even counterbalance energy.  Color has an impact on us physiologically and has an important role in our daily life.  We can use color to enhance our thought processes, inspire our lives, soothe our moods and even help focus our decisions.  Color can bring about change in subtle or dramatic ways as well.  Our body/mind/spirit is deeply effected by colors and we can use color to create our dreams, realities and world. 


Recognizing The Impact of Color

What color(s) speaks to you? Is there a color that make you feel an emotion more than another color? Are there particular colors to you notice you wear more often? Is there a particular color you avoid?  These are all simple ways to begin recognizing the influence of color in your life.  By learning the influences of colors, you can begin to see where you are and then create plans to achieve your dreams.  Working with colors is an experience and can be a constantly changing one.  As moods, relationships, goals and other factors change in life so too may the interactions with color… but when you are aware of the influences you can remain better balanced, grounded and centered in daily life.


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