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Mandala Mazes - Coming Soon!

These are a combination of a Mandala with a Maze center.  They serve as a meditation piece with the reminder that we all journey to our center or home.  Each piece is created using:  a maze, a modified mandala, a specific mantra (or intention), color energies, reiki energy, chakra color meanings, crystal/stone charging, angelic blessings/charging and shape symbolism.  

Don't meditate?  Not a problem!  The energies of this piece will still work in your environment/life even without meditating or using the mantra/intention.  That's part of the divine purpose of these designs!  

Titles shown are "working titles" until the piece is completed.  Each piece will come with information related to the meaning and symbolism of the piece.

These pieces are hand-drawn, transferred by hand to canvas and finally hand-painted.  Designs are available in your choice of two sizes:  12X12 or 20X20.  Pricing:
     12X12 Canvases - $85 (includes shipping)
     20X20 Canvases - $210 (includes shipping)

Please note that some pieces are created to hand square and others are designed to hang diagonally.

Current Working Titles

When a piece is completed, please click the title of the piece.  You will be redirected to another page with picture and description.

Abundance in All Areas
Primary Color:  Olive (01)

Awareness of Divine
Primary Color:  Purple (02)

Blissful Union
Primary Color:  Peach (03)

Compassionate Heart
Primary Color:  Pink (04)

Connection to All
Primary Color:  Violet (05)

Contentment in Life
Primary Color:  Lime Green (06)

Creative Expressions
Primary Color:  Orange (07)

Divine Resolution
Primary Color:  Red (08)

Empowerment of Self
Primary Color:  Yellow (09)

Exploring Truth
Primary Color:  Blue (10)

Faith and Trust
Primary Color:  Indigo (11)

Glorious Wholeness
Primary Color:  White/Opal (12)

In Balance
Primary Color:  Emerald (13)

In Harmony with the World
Primary Color:  Magenta (14)

Inspiration for Peace
Primary Color:  Lavender (15)

Interconnection to All
Primary Color:  Tan (16)

Phases of Life
Primary Color:  Gray/Silver (17)

Pleasures of the Heart
Primary Color:  Orange (18)

Renewal of the Spirit
Primary Color:  Black (19)

Sacred Fire
Primary Color:  Gold (20)

Serene Heart Center
Primary Color:  Light Green (21)

Sharing the Divine
Primary Color:  Light Blue (22)

Triumph of Spirit
Primary Color:  Flame (23)

Truth with Loyalty
Primary Color:  Teal (24)

Visionary Inspiration 
Primary Color:  Navy Blue (25)