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You deserve the best... our Crystal Sun Catchers have come to be called "Window Jewelry" or "Window Bling" by our customers.  We feature world-renowned Swarovski Crystals (prisms, beads and pearls) which is considered the highest quality in the world.  Most designs have color options available with them as well to help you find the perfect piece for your home, office, car or as a gift for that extra-special person.  We have something for everyone!

Our pricing... let's face it Swarovski Crystal can be expense but we consciously strive to be “price friendly”.  We offer a wide variety of sizes, options and color choices means there's something for every one, every home and every budget!  We also keep an eye on pricing by offering unleaded Swarovski Crystal drops in some of our designs.  Unleaded crystal is still offers the same brilliance, shine and sparkle while being cost effective and lighter in weight but it does not offer the Swarovski etching as some leaded pieces.
Our commitment to you...  we believe our customers come first!  We value each customer interaction and strive to build long-standing business relationship by treating you with courteous respect.  In an effort to build long-standing business relationships, we offer repairs and replacements to our items.  We stand behind our craftsmanship and will work with you to repair or replace your jewelry items quickly, efficiently and at a minimum cost (sometimes just the price of shipping your item to us).  

Our Crystal Sun Catchers...  all feature Aurora Borealis (AB) Swarovski crystal bottom drops.  The AB effect is a coating added to the clear crystal which give it a beautiful look.  This coating is a subtle, sparkly effect which is opalescent in nature (think oil on water).  It's glorious!!!.


Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion of custom or out-of-stock items.  We will notify you if delays occur.


Swarovski uses Millimeters (mm)...
You'll find lots of mm's on our site and this is how many of our components are marked.  We may not have listed every mm we offer, but a rough translation is below.  A good rule of thumb is that an inch is just over 25mm (25.4 to be exact).

  • 20mm = .78"
  • 25mm = .98"
  • 30mm = 1.18"
  • 35mm = 1.37"
  • 40mm = 1.57"
  • 45mm - 1.77"
  • 50mm = 1.96"
  • 55mm = 2.16"
  • 60mm= 2.36"
  • 65mm = 2.55


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  • ​​Dragonflies are one of our best-selling designs (for almost 15 years now) and come in a wide variety of whimsical color options!
  • Gumdrop features larger colored beads (in Swarovski) with clear seed beads for a dramatic look!
  • Jelly Bean is a dainty design with colored seed beads and Swarovski beads for an exciting effect.
  • Rock Candy designs are dramatic with cluster/spiral designs in a variety of colors over the crystal bottom drop
  • Sprinkle features Swarovski beads (in Aurora Borealis) with small colored seed beads for a delicate pop of color. 
  • Stone Prisms use natural stones/crystals for an energy charged sun catcher.
  • Taffy features Swarovski Pearls with clear seed beads for an elegant appearance.
  • One-Of-A-Kind designs offer unique designs that will not be duplicated or created again.  They are very limited in nature!
  • Pendulums are also created with Swarovski Crystal points and come in a variety of styles.

Sprinkle, Taffy and Gumdrop also come in Mini designs which are smaller in overall size (from top to bottom length).  These are fun and perfect for any window!


A Sterling Silver ring at top of the design and a satin cord allows you to hang the piece at the perfect height for your window!  We use jewelry grade wire and findings to help reduce kinks and enhance the finished sun catcher.  Every piece comes carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and with a care sheet.

Please Note:  Some pieces (for example one-of-a-kind designs and dragonflies) will not come with a Silver Ring at the top.  Dragonflies are strung on 12 lb monofiliment and other designs may also be strong on these.  Some one-of-a-kind designs may be hung with chain or using chainmaille rosettes.  You'll be able to see these differences when viewing pictures.  Thank you for understanding!