The Brainchild Studio

designing the unexpected since 1997...


We love art that is fun, uplifting and has a message to inspire either the heart or mind (or both).  These pieces are Mixed Media with details below each piece (including sizes).  Some pieces can be hung in a different way too (horizontally or vertically).  

Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion of custom or out-of-stock items.  We will notify you if delays occur.


What are you looking for?  We offer several different types of art for your sacred spaces!  Just click a link below to view our variety of work:

Door to Tomorrow - $210.00

This is a 20X20 canvas featuring the blended combination of teal & peach (with lots of opalescence)!  It is soothing, inviting & gorgeous!!!  Price includes CONUS shipping.

Perpetual State of Change - $160.00

This is a 12X24 canvas with colors in the blue, purple & pink family!  The dark outer layer features black glitter which looks like a midnight sky!  Price includes CONUS shipping.  Price includes CONUS shipping.

Memory of Yesterday - $270


This is a 20X24 canvas with really bold, cool colors of yellow, green and purple (plus opalescent white).  It can be hung vertically or horizontally when it arrives in its' forever home!  Price includes CONUS shipping.

Make A Wish - $40.00

Created on an 8x8 canvas board (hung diagonally with a saw tooth hanger), this piece features lots of sparkle and shine.  As children we were told to make a wish on the first star we see and this reminds us to just stop... and go back to simpler times and things.  Go ahead, close your eyes and make a wish... what's the worst that can happen?

Latitude in Attitude - $85.00

This 12X12 canvas (not canvas board) is created in periwinkle, rose gold & black.  It is a reminder to be nice until it's time to not be nice!  Price includes CONUS shipping.

Why Not? - $40.00

Created on an 8x8 canvas board, this piece states a simple question we often as ourselves.  So... when thinking about using a new painting technique and trying hand lettering, this is what Tammi thought as she started this piece.  Regardless of whether you ask this as a question or make it a statement, everyone can probably relate to the phrase.  Hung using saw tooth hanger.

Earth Star - $60


This is a 10X10 canvas in meditative colors of rust, black & metallic gold.  Meditation becomes easier when following the maze in the middle... just take a breath and calm your mind!  Price includes CONUS shipping.