The Brainchild Studio

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About These Pieces

You'll find a variety of mediums, techniques and hanging types on this page.  This is where everything will go that doesn't fit anywhere else.  

Make A Wish - $40.00

Created on an 8x8 canvas board (hung diagonally with a saw tooth hanger), this piece features lots of sparkle and shine.  As children we were told to make a wish on the first star we see and this reminds us to just stop... and go back to simpler times and things.  Go ahead, close your eyes and make a wish... what's the worst that can happen?

Latitude in Attitude - $85.00

This 12X12 canvas (not canvas board) is created in periwinkle, rose gold & black.  It is a reminder to be nice until it's time to not be nice!  Price includes CONUS shipping.

Why Not? - $40.00

Created on an 8x8 canvas board, this piece states a simple question we often as ourselves.  So... when thinking about using a new painting technique and trying hand lettering, this is what Tammi thought as she started this piece.  Regardless of whether you ask this as a question or make it a statement, everyone can probably relate to the phrase.  Hung using saw tooth hanger.